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My experience as a Location Sound Recordist and Boom Operator has allowed me to work on multiple web series', each with its own unique set of sound requirements. From using under-water Lavalier mics on Season 4 of The Formal to recording audio for an entire touch football team on Touch, my work in location sound has been dynamic and formative. My craft is driven half by keen attention to detail and the ability to adapt to different sound environments, and half again by utilising the right equipment. I love what I do and believe that passion and dedication are reflected in my work. You can browse these series' here.


By LoneFish Productions, in partnership with Kozziecom, and supported by the Australia-Korea Foundation 

IYAGI, is a mini-series dedicated to celebrating Korean-Australian stories. It follows 3 Korean-Australian creatives, each with inspiring stories to share. This series is supported by the Australia-Korea Foundation with special thanks to our creative partners LoneFish Productions.

Watch Episodes 1-3 of IYAGI here.

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YouTube Series Series Dir. Vic Zerbst

With support from Acon Health, Screen Australia, and Wear It Purple, join the overthinking Virgo Saffie (Gemma Bird Matheson) and chaotic Libra Bek (Kasia Vickery) on a quest to understand their sexual health following a one-night stand.

Watch Me and Her(pes) season 1 here 

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TikTok Series Dir. Hannah Rae Megan & Monique Terry

Starring Kath Ebbs, Samantha Andrews, and Tommy Misa, this web series follows the tumultuous breakups and makeups of the protagonist, Grace (Ebbs), and her two closest friends Sam (Andrews) and Eddie (Misa) as they navigate healing from a broken heart. 

Watch Self Care season 1 here 

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YouTube Series Series Dir. Hannah Rae-Megan, Monique Terry 

On a whole new platform, in a whole new aspect ratio, see the final installment of The Formal. Join Han and Mon as they wrap up the formal afterparty, and gaze into the future together.

Watch Season 4 of The Formal here.

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TikTok Series Dir. Abby Gallaway

It's finally here! Prepare for the night of your lives in season 3 of The Formal. Think photo booths, drunk truths, planning Uni, and getting groovy on the dance floor. In the final season, watch Han and Mon see the fruits of their labor and dance the night away in style (and confetti). 

Watch Season 3 of The Formal here.

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TikTok Series Dir. Abby Gallaway

Set in Sydney's Inner West, season 2 of The Formal sees Han and Mon delve further into the planning of their Year 12 formal; including Formal Dress shopping, The Beep Test, and 'Prom-posals'. 

Watch Season 2 of The Formal here.

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TikTok Series Dir. Abby Gallaway

The Formal is a 2021 TikTok Series written by Hannah Rae-Meghan and Monique Terry. 
The series follows two girls, Han and Mon, as they begrudgingly plan their year 12 school formal. 

Watch Season 1 of The Formal here

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