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About Eliza Pall

I am a passionate Other working in the social media and music team at 2RRR 88.5FM. In 2021, I had the opportunity to contribute to the independent artist of the Week project. My role involves writing and researching talent, as well as audio editing in Audition, Logic, and Pro Tools. I am dedicated to supporting independent artists and helping them showcase their work to a wider audience.


2RRR 88.5fm Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

Akala Newman is not only an ethereal and sultry first nations musician, but an academic, artist and activist whose most recent release “Spell On Me” imbues dark synths, pulsing basslines, and powerful lyrics that emphasize the beauty and power of Indigenous bodies and voices.Akala’s “escapist pop” music is cinematic, with lush production and an emphasis on storytelling. She dives head-first into her song writing from a perspective of vulnerability and healing, presenting her proud Wiradjuri culture and heritage in spaces that include, but are not limited to, performing on Country at the Sydney Opera House.As a true artist, Akala believes in the transcendence of meaning through various mediums; whether it through her academic work, activism, or musicianship. She draws inspiration from Artists like Halsey, FKA Twiggs and Tove Lo, but hints at future sounds of Country and folk influences that, given Akalas talent, will be sure to impress.In this Week’s Independent Artist of the Week interview, Akala discusses the music industry, her musical theatre background, sonic influences, her collaborations with BLACX, and what comes next for this futuristic pop Artist.Akala can be found online at @akala_newman on Instagram, and on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer as Akala Newman. 

Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at


2RRR 88.5fm Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

If love the ‘wub’ sound of pop synths, grooving basslines and music that is irresistibly danceable, Ritzz is the independent artist for you. You’d never guess that Ritzz’s humble beginnings as a bagpipe player would lead him to producing such clean, bright bops as ‘Move’ and ‘She Don’t Wanna Dance’.

Collaborating with ‘generational talents’ Townes, and Mvnk – a voice lost too soon -- Ritzz offers audiences a fresh electronic sound to the Sydney music scene; a foundation built by his influences S.G. Lewis, San Holo, and Flume, as well as his background in audio and music production at JMC.

In this week’s Independent Artist of the week chat, we discuss Ritzz’s defining moments, song-writing process, the independent music scene in Sydney, and what comes next from this unstoppable producer.

Ritzz can be found at @ritzzmusic and Ritzz on Spotify.


2RRR 88.5fm Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

This week we have @staceyannmusic as our Independent Artist of the Week. Eliza got to chat with the Perth-based singer-songwriter about her single ‘Body’, as well as the process behind creating the tracks and the ongoing effect Covid-19 has had on musicians.

Inspired by Meg Mac, Florence and the Machine and Fleetwood Mac, Stacey Ann draws on her personal experiences to create raw yet powerful music. Her beautiful storytelling skills are evident in her music as she naturally expresses her emotions through her effortless artistry.

If you’d like to see Stacey Ann live, you can catch her and her 5-piece band at Smooth Sounds at the Sonar Room this Friday in Fremantle. Otherwise you can listen to her new tracks wherever you get your music.


2RRR 88.5fm Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

Iris, Chloe, Sarah, Bella and Carla are names you’ll want to commit to memory. Making up the Perth based 5-piece ‘Blue Honey’, this femme-led indie rock group are leaving their fans in anticipation of a studio version of their breakout single ‘Colin’.

Despite being together for only one year, Blue Honey’s camaraderie and musicianship shine through in the way they speak with each other, and write music together.

Iris’ smoky vocals and ethereal harmonies stand out on the acoustic version of ‘Colin’, and give gentle nods to lyrical and sonic influences; Snail Mail and Phoebe Bridgers. ‘Colin’ is an ode to childhood, growing up and the pets who shape us.

Here, We talk about how the band came together, what’s to come and the songwriting process - don’t miss it!

You can catch Iris’ solo acoustic version on Soundcloud, and follow the band at @bluehoneyband for updates on their regular gigs and latest releases.

Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at


2RRR 88.5fm Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

Blossoming from classical vocal training in Newcastle, Australia, to taking poetry, song-writing and production classes at Berklee College of Music, Al Riordan is an electronic singer-songwriter whose latest EP ‘No’, is a powerful exercise in healing from pain through art.

Released in December of 2020, ‘No’ tenderly addresses the ecosystem of fall-out one experiences as a result of assault. Al vulnerably paints her experience in 7 tracks. Each is designed to flow on from one to the next, with warm vocals, delicate harmonies, and thoughtful production, all through the lens of starry imagery and soft synths.

While taking inspiration from the shape of Bon Iver’s ‘I,I’ album, Al produced almost the entire project solo, masterfully incorporating ‘voice notes’ in many tracks, but most poignantly to end the EP with the Lo-fi heart breaker ‘Okay’.

‘Burning Star’, ‘the 17th’, and ‘Pedestal’ are stand-out tracks, and proof positive of both Al’s talent, and her clear artistic trajectory as an outstanding creative voice.

Al can be found on streaming platforms under Al Riordan and on Instagram @al.riordan. stay tuned for our IGTV interview later tonight. Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at


2RRR 88.5FM Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

Building a fanbase through live-gigs in Sydney’s inner-west, Creep Features is an alt-rock band led by vocalist and guitarist, Starzi Tsiamis, and Drummer and lyricist Daniel Isaac.

If you saw them live, you’d be convinced that they were part of a much larger group; their sound being distinctly “full and energetic”; much akin to their inspirations Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood. Yet, Creep Features gift audiences music that is driven by edgy lyrics, thick drums and crunchy guitar riffs, with only two members.

The pair have been writing music since the band’s inception in early high school, but are planning to release their first EP almost 8 years later. Their highly anticipated first single ‘Storm’ will be released in the following weeks.

You can catch Creep Features on Instagram at @creep_features and keep an eye out for their up-coming release! 📷: @nick_g_s_photography

Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at


2RRR 88.5FM Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

justina. is an emerging artist whose velvet voice is a stand out in her two collaborative singles “No Antics” and “Close”, both released in 2020. Justina’s music swims in pools of neo-soul, dance and R&B; even the punctuation in her name making an unintentional wink at one of her writing inspirations, Anderson .Paak.

But her musical influence doesn’t stop there. Growing up with grandparents singing Liverpool folk music around her, as well as being supported by her bandmates in ‘Astral Juice’, justina. is surrounded by an enthusiasm for music that is also translated into her social media presence. Principally on Instagram, she showcases her talent by singing covers of anything from Tom Misch, to GIVĒON, while fans eagerly await an EP that she hopes to release within the next year.

She can be found at @justinablahs and @astraljuiceband on Instagram.

Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at


2RRR 88.5FM Independent Artist of the Week || Selected by Eliza Pall

‘Dumb’ is the new and catchy sound of Indie-pop in the Sydney music scene from the pastel-colored, and self-described “deadpan cute” artist, Heather Maine.

Despite the ‘Heather Maine’ persona coming to her in a dream, her songwriting always speaks from her lived experience. Being influenced by the melodies of Conan Gray and Maggie Rogers, Heather combines sparkling synth layers with clear and catchy lyrics about confusion, heartbreak, and dysfunctional relationships.

As an emerging artist, Heather has “demos coming out of her ears” and a series of singles to follow in the coming months, supporting the Debut of ‘Dumb’. However, her talent extends beyond performance, to being commissioned to compose Dungeons and Dragons fantasy music, collaborating with other artists, co-writing, and producing works across R&B and Pop music genres alike.

With a background in Saxophone, Piano, Singing, and Ukulele, as well as being a graduate of Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Heather Maine is an indie-pop tour-de-force.

Heather opened for Lola Scott on June 17th at Oxford Arts factory and can be found on Instagram @heathermainemusic.

Tune in on 88.5FM | stream online at

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